Our parish need everyone helps to keep it standing for many years to come.

To make it possible, there are many things that can be done. Some are small ones, some required experienced people. But at the end, it always get back to the need of just a helping hand...

Here are some jobs/tasks that need to be handle and we are asking for your help:

  • Snow shoveling
  • Deliver communion to elderly /shut-ins.
  • Repair holes in the link fence
  • Post signs: "No trespassing", "No dogs" and "Video surveillance"
  • Patch sidewalk to Rectory
  • Paint lines in parking lot
  • Clean up garden next to driveway to garage
  • Paint Father's quiet room
  • Clean up and paint closet under stairs in hall
  • Handicapped ramp
  • Paint and repair salt boxes
  • Sponsor our weekly bulletin.

If you see anything where you can help us, please send us an email.

We thank you in advance.