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During these difficult times, when attending Mass in person is not possible, we offer three different resources to hear and watch daily Mass.



It is hard to believe 50 days have passed since Easter Sunday. Not long ago we could not imagine what Easter would look like outside the church walls, but we made it through and are about to start a new liturgical season, Ordinary Time. We are not sure what the future holds. We are not sure when we will be able to gather in person again. In these unprecedented times we are much like the disciples in today’s readings. 

In the Gospel, the disciples are in a locked room, fearful of the unknown outside their door. Sounds a lot like what we have been living these past months! Jesus appears and the first thing he says is, “Peace be with you.” He does not scold them for how they behaved before and during his crucifixion. He does not mock them for being afraid. He does not question their faith. At first, they do not recognize him. But when they do, they rejoice. There may have been the feeling that everything would be okay now, that the time of fear and uncertainty was over. Jesus continues, however, “As the Father has sent me, so I send you.”

It is easy to imagine the disciples’ doubt and their questions. What exactly is Jesus asking us to do? How will we do it? Will it be difficult? Will I have the wisdom, patience and faithfulness needed for the task?

Now that life as we knew it is slowly reappearing, we are also rejoicing. We feel reassured, that all is not lost. But much like the disciples, the way forward will look different than what was left behind. God is leading us down a different path. We might feel anxious, confused, perhaps even angry that our plans for the future have changed. But Jesus did not leave the disciples to figure things out for themselves and likewise we are not alone. The Holy Spirit offers all the gifts we need to journey through this unique time in our lives.

Peace be with you. – Melissa Wiebe


Thank You for Continuing Your Collections

Many have dropped off their collections and we would like to take this opportunity to thank those who, through this difficult time, have reached out to support their parish.  Our prayers go out to those who are struggling during this time and we pray that we will soon be back together.  

God Bless you all.


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