the trinitarians

The Trinitarians were founded by St. John de Matha and St. Felix of Valois at the end of the 12th century. From the outset, a special dedication to the mystery of the Holy Trinity has been a constitutive element of their life, the beginnings of which are deeply rooted in the Crusades. The founding intention of John was the ransom of Christians held captive by nonbelievers, a consequence of crusading and pirating along the Mediterranean coast of Europe.

The Order and the Rule of St. John de Matha were approved by Pope Innocent III on December 17, 1198. The Order’s distinctive cross of red and blue can be traced to its beginnings.

The Trintarians wish to be an epiphany of Christ the Redeemer among people today, credible witnesses through whom God works and reveals his merciful and redemptive love.

The motto always present in the heart of every Trinitarian is "Gloria Tibi Trinitas et captivis libertas — Glory to you O Trinity and liberty to the captives".
(*)Extract from Trinitarians website (US)

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